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Out world  is a new herbal potpourri blend to hit the shelves at Potpourri Blends Café. Out world is a potent blend that is made with one hundred percent all natural ingredients. that you can trust. Out world  is a fifty state legal blend that provides the ultimate aromatic experience. This strong blend is very finely cut, but it is still easy to see a strong presence of damiana leaf.
The zip lock package ensures that you experience fresh potpourri each and every time. Both veteran and newbie users alike will find this blend potent enough to meet their needs without surpassing their budget.

SECOND GENERATION  Mad Hatter BLUE Incense 7 Grams

Mad Hatter provides a robust and strong aromatic experience that can last roughly thirty minutes to one hour.
This blend of quality herbs and botanicals leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to potency or aroma. Expect nothing but a top of the line quality herbal experience when you purchase Mad Hatter. The strong aroma will waft through every room in your home and provide a relaxing and euphoric experience. This premium natural blend will knock your socks off.  You will not be disappointed when you rely on Mad Hatter to provide you with herbal incense delight. Try this blend today for the ultimate aromatic experience.

Twice the strength of other brands, this herbal potpourri blend will send have you spacey. A little goes a long way. Angry Birds Space is more than just a clever name. This potent blend has the power to put veteran users to sleep with just a small pinch. Newbie users should be cautious when using Angry Birds Space. Only one hundred percent all natural herbs are used to make this sweet blend. The euphoric effects of this blend can last up to thirty minutes or more. Only a small pinch of this fluffy blend is required to fill your home with its sweet aroma. Let Angry Birds Space intoxicate and invigorate your senses. This blend will truly leave you spaced out!

CALI DREAMS  is a swift herbal kick right to your cranium. Get ready for a wild herbal experience with the potent aromatic experience CALI DREAMS  has to offer. This blend is made with all natural ingredients like passion flower and damiana leaf.  This unique blend offers a sweet scent that will waft through your home and leave your senses completely intoxicated. CALI DREAMS packs nicely into the incense burner to provide a smooth even burn every time. This blend is great for newbie and veteran users alike. Try CALI DREAMS  today for the ultimate herbal experience that will completely rock your world.

premium natural blend potpourri

Don’t geek out. Geeked Up is here to save the day. Geeked Up is a new blend of herbal potpourri that is potent enough to please newbie and veteran users alike. This fluffy blend is made with all natural ingredients that will totally blow your mind. The pleasing aroma of this blend is strong, but not overpowering. The euphoric effects of Geeked Up can be felt immediately and will last roughly thirty minutes to one hour. Only a small amount of Geeked Up is required to feel big time effects. Newbie users are warned about the high potency of this one of a kind herbal blend.


Down 2 Earth SKUNK101  is one herbal incense blend that you can count on for an ideal herbal experience. This blend is fluffy and only a small amount in the incense burner will fill your home with the sweet and tempting scent of SKUNK. This blend is truly your chance to feel like a kid again as the euphoric effects take you places you never thought possible.Not only does this blend provide a delightful aroma, it also provides potent euphoric effects that take control immediately. Let Down 2 Earth SKUNK101  completely rock your herbal potpourri world.

lol  will simply drive you mad. This truly unique blend outshines its competitors due to the high quality of all natural herbs that are used in the making of this product.  Both newbie and veteran herbal users can greatly benefit from this blend. The euphoric effects of this blend last anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour, but you are sure to have the best time. The aromatic experience that this blend provides is nothing short of stunning.  Do not delay in trying lol  today to experience all of the perks that this finely ground blend has to offer.

MARDI GRAS PREMIUM NATURAL  Blend is a unique herbal incense that has the ability  to blow your mind without blowing your budget. This affordable blend has a zip lock package that ensures quality fresh herbs with each use.
This blend is very fluffy.  Only a small amount is required to achieve potent euphoric effects that can last as long as one hour.  The aroma of this blend is strong, but not so potent that users feel overpowered by the scent. MARDI GRAS  Blend will not leave you disappointed.  It is a blend that has a lot to brag about and can back it up!