Mellow regular herbal eliquid

If you are an electronic cigarette smoker we have a great product for you.

Mellow regular herbal eliquid

Mellow regular herbal eliquid

Eliquid also known as cigliquid, is used in electronic cigarettes. The liquid creates a vapor that is a solution of propylene glycol (PG) and/or vegetable glycerin (VG) and/or polyethylene glycol 400 (PEG400) typically mixed with a variable percent of a liquid nicotine concentrate.* Electronic cigarettes are focused on simulating smoking a cigarette. Our electronic cigarettes are focused on providing a relaxation experience with or without nicotine.

Our revolutionary cigliquid is designed solely for your relaxing pleasure. Same relaxing and euphoric experience you get from using our herbal incense and potpourri in your homes, now available for use in electronic cigarette!

Our cigliquid are pre-mixed and ready to be enjoyed the moment you receive it.

ELiquid is the juice used to refill an empty or dried out electronic cigarette cartridge. 

Is it legal to smoke anywhere I want?

Technically, Yes. Because the E-Cigarette does not generate any real smoke, nor flame, it is safe and legal to use everywhere. Our exclusive cigliquid formula is 100% legal. No fuss!

We have different varieties, flavors and with nicotine coming up soon!

  • No Ash
  • No Fire
  • No Odor
  • Low cost
  • Taste Real

*Wiki reference

Check out the Herbal cigliquid here.

Need the electronic cigarette as well? Here is the starter kit.


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The Crew at Potpourri Blends Cafe


Herbal incense potpourri has been used for centuries. It has even been used in ancient times. Back then people believed the herbal mixtures had mystical powers. It a way these ancient folks were right. Most herbal incense blends provide euphoric effects that last for a varied amount of time. The usefulness of these herbs has been found in several different artifacts and writings from ancient times.

The Benefits to Herbal Incense

There are many benefits to using these ancient products today. They can help relieve stress naturally. They also can also naturally reduce fatigue, mood swings, and even anxiety. Many ancient doctors use these herbs as breathing treatments. If ancient doctors and numerous cultures from around the world have been using these herbs for centuries the question remains, “Why can’t we?”

Other Perks of Herbal Potpourri

Herbal potpourri has other benefits as well. Instead of spending all of your money on items that will make your home smell good; you can purchase herbal incense and an incense burner at a much lower costs. When burning herbal incense you should be sure to burn in a well ventilated area. The scent of many blends may over power a small space. You should also be sure that you purchase herbal incense blends that are completely legal in your state.

Making Sure Your Herbal Incense Is Legal

Herbal potpourri products can be dangers to children and pets. You should not burn these products when your kids or pets are going to be present in the room. You should also be sure to only buy from reliable vendors like Potpourri Blends Café. There are many frauds out there selling illegal synthetic drugs that you will want to avoid. In some states it is considered a felony to be in possession of these controlled substances. Make sure that the products that you buy are completely compliant with federal and state laws.

New Laws Concerning the Legality of Herbal Incense

Herbal incense has been around all of these years, but have recently come under fire within the last few years. Many users were misusing the product by smoking it instead of burning it in an incense burner. These people experience increased heart rate, increased bloods pressure, and other serious health problems. Some users have misused herbal incense products have died as a result. A few bad apples ruined the use of herbal products for everyone with their misuse. President Obama put a one year ban on the sale of these products. Before that one year ban was up, President Barrack Obama signed the Federal Synthetic Drug Act. This law forbid the sale, distribution, and manufacturing of herbal products containing specific chemicals. Many vendors had to change the ingredients in their products to avoid serious criminal charges. All herbal potpourri and legal bud products sold at Potpourri Blends Café are completely legal and compliant with state and federal charges. Try one of the many blends that are available at this stellar website that offers a wide selection, great prices, and extraordinary customer care.

What is herbal incense? This burning question has been on the minds of the masses for some time now, but no one has provided a clear and concise answer to the mystery. The long term effects of using herbal incense products are just now being studied as these products move into the mainstream. Herbal potpourri products have been around for many years, but did not become popular until the last five years or so. There are many different brands of herbal potpourri. Some of the most popular include brands like Mad Hatter, Scooby Snax, and Caution.

Is Herbal Incense Legal?
The use, sale, and distribution of herbal potpourri products were completely legal until 2012. There were many complaints being made about the misuse of these products. President Barrack Obama implemented a one year ban on these products. Later in 2012, President Barrack Obama signed the Synthetic Drug Act, which outlawed herbal potpourri products containing certain chemical ingredients. Many vendors and manufactures were arrested during Operation Log Jam, which was a nationwide synthetic drug bust. Many vendors and manufacturers changed the ingredients in their blends in order to comply with these new standards. Although, there are some blends that you should avoid because they have not complied with state and federal standards. The legality of herbal potpourri is unclear in many states, but in others possession of herbal potpourri is worthy of a felony charge.  Be sure to check with your local state laws to make sure that you fully understand them.

What You Should Know About Herbal Incense Products

Herbal potpourri has been called a variety of names. Spice, potpourri, herbal incense, and legal herb are just a few of the nicknames that these products have earned. It does not matter what you call it. The products are the same thing. It is possible to buy herbal incense online. There are many reliable blends that comply with federal and state laws that can be found right here at Potpourri Blends Café. All of the popular blends that you know and love can still be purchased. They just have been changed a little bit. There are a few blends of herbal incense that are no longer in production at all. Some of these blends include Darkness and Code Black.

The Numerous Benefits of Herbal Potpourri Products

There are tons of benefits to using herbal potpourri blends. The main ingredients in these blends have been used by numerous ancient cultures to treat a number of conditions.  Insomnia, asthma, and nausea are just a few of the conditions that herbal incense can treat. Herbal potpourri products provide an awesome aromatic euphoric experience that you will not soon forget. These products are easily accessible online with a wide selection of top quality blends to choose from. Newbie and veteran users are benefit greatly from taking advantage in everything that herbal incense products have to offer. Start shopping at Potpourri Blends Café today to score great deals on the hottest and most reliable herbal incense blends.

Herbal incense and potpourri blends are the same thing. These are aromatherapy items that have been used for many centuries by numerous ancient cultures. Herbal potpourri is said to have many medicinal properties and has been used to treat numerous health ailments. In fact, certain cultures used these products to treat mental ailments as well as physical ones. Damania leaf, which is one of the most common herbs used in the making of these blends, has many medicinal uses. It has been used to help with the treatment in problems such as asthma and depression.

What is with the Crack Down on Herbal Incense?

So, why is the Drug Enforcement Agency cracking down on the use of these products? There have been a few bad apples that have misused these products. Misuse of herbal potpourri blends can lead to serious consequences. Dangerous changes in blood pressure, increased heart rate, feelings of paranoia, and even hallucinations can be experienced when these products are not used as directed. It clearly states on the packaging of these aromatherapy potpourri products that they are not to be consumed by humans or pets. Still, people are consuming these products either through oral consumption or by smoking the products. It is not just frowned upon to misuse potpourri products. It is considered a felony in most states to misuse or even be in possession of these products.

Information Regarding Fifty State Legal Potpourri Blends

There are blends that are fifty states legal. This means that the blend is legal to possess in all fifty states, but it still does not mean that it is okay to consume the product in any way, shape, or form.  Fifty state legal blends can easily be found, but make sure that the blend complies with all laws in your state. The laws and loopholes concerning herbal incense are still very unclear. President Obama signed the Synthetic Drug Act of 2012, which completely changed the way that herbal incense vendors did business. Operation Log Jam, which was a large synthetic drug bust, put a lot of herbal incense creators out of business. Never fear! Many blends are back and better than ever while still complying with federal and state laws.

Herbal Products Coming Under Legal Fire

Herbal incense products and potpourri blends are also coming under fire because the long term effects of these products have not been studied. There have been reports that state that the misuse of these types of products has been linked to certain types of cancer. There has not been enough research conducted to support any of these so called facts. Only time will tell what the future will hold for the herbal incense industry. The popularity of these products only seems to be growing. The more popular herbal potpourri blends become the bigger the backlash seems to get. These legitimate businesses need to be given a fair chance to share their products with anyone who is interested in trying them. The benefits of herbal potpourri blends are practically limitless.