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Down 2 Earth   is one herbal incense blend that you can count on for an ideal herbal experience. This blend is fluffy and only a small amount in the incense burner will fill your home with the sweet and tempting scent of Blueberry. This blend is truly your chance to feel like a kid again as the euphoric effects take you places you never thought possible.Not only does this blend provide a delightful aroma, it also provides potent euphoric effects that take control immediately. Let Down 2 Earth  completely rock your herbal potpourri world.



SECOND GENERATION  Mad Hatter  Incense 7 Grams

Mad Hatter provides a robust and strong aromatic experience that can last roughly thirty minutes to one hour.
This blend of quality herbs and botanicals leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to potency or aroma. Expect nothing but a top of the line quality herbal experience when you purchase Mad Hatter. The strong aroma will waft through every room in your home and provide a relaxing and euphoric experience. This premium natural blend will knock your socks off.  You will not be disappointed when you rely on Mad Hatter to provide you with herbal incense delight. Try this blend today for the ultimate aromatic experience.

Caution  is an herbal incense blend like no other. This unique blend has a unique aroma that will take over every room in your room. Only a small pinch is required to fill the room with the robust scent of this strong blend. The euphoric effects that this blend provides are perfect for both newbie and veteran users. If you are ready for an herbal potpourri that will take you to the next level, you do not have to look any farther than Caution. This blend is made with all natural herbal ingredients that will send you far beyond the moon.

Ready to party like a real live rock star? If so KING KONG  is the herbal potpourri blend that is right for you. Newbie users are warned against the extreme potency of this truly stellar product. This is a finely ground blend that is completely legal in all fifty state, but can show you a heck of a good time. The euphoric effects associated with this blend will have you feeling like you are flying far beyond the stars. Only use this blend in small amounts! This powerful blend is extremely potent, but is does not overpower the use if used in moderation. The affordability of this blend is another reason is it so attractive.

Neutronium will rock your cranium!  This one of a kind herbal blend is one that will leave you feeling like you are walking in the clouds on a sunny day. There is a guaranteed party in ever zip locked bag of Neutronium.  The euphoric effects of this blend will hit you fast and last as long as an hour. Only a small amount is required to experience big results. Neutronium burns smoothly,
evenly, and will fill your entire home with its aromatic pleasures. This herbal potpourri is affordable and you can rely on the high quality herbs to provide you the same pleasant euphoric effects time after time.