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JAZZ  is one herbal blend that will practically blow your mind. This delightfully potent herbal potpourri is made with all natural herbs that provide an ideal aromatic experience. JAZZ   burns slowly and evenly in the incense burner.
Only a small amount is needed to experience potent euphoric effects that will make all of your problems and worries disappear. This blend has well known ingredients such as passion flower, damiana leaf, and mugs wart with a few special ingredients that provide the kick you are looking for. This blend is perfect for newbie herbal potpourri users,but veteran users can also reap the numerous benefits of this awesome blend.

4thA quick heads up that there will be NO Saturday deliveries. Also Fedex informed us there will be no package pick up for home deliveries on Friday. If you place a home delivery order on Friday it will ship out on Monday.  Express shipments will be picked up on Friday. Happy 4th!

Premium natural blend.

open at your on risk

Caution gold  will show you a devilish good time. This is one potent blend that you should open at your own risk. This all natural blend is one of the strongest available. Newbie users are warned to use this blend sparingly. Just a small pinch in the incense burner will have you feeling like a million bucks. This affordable blend will go a long way! The distinct scent of Caution gold  will travel through every room in your home. It packs tightly into the incense burner and always burns continuously. Not many other blends can compete with the high standard of quality that is demanded of this truly potent potpourri.


Black Lion  is here to save the day.  Black Lion  is a new blend of herbal potpourri that is potent enough to please newbie and veteran users alike. This fluffy blend is made with all natural ingredients that will totally blow your mind.
The pleasing aroma of this blend is strong, but not overpowering.  The euphoric effects of Black Lion  can be felt immediately and will last roughly thirty minutes to one hour. Only a small amount of Black lion  is required to feel big time effects. Newbie users are warned about the high potency of this one of a kind herbal blend.





KLIMAX herbal incense is one of the hottest blends on the market. Users definitely will not be
disappointed by the potency of this blend. The all natural herbs are fresh and come in a variety of
flavors. There is truly a little something for all potpourri users in the Little Hot line of products. The
flavors are potent and the effects are nothing short of spectacular. Little Hot is capable of meeting
your herbal incense needs while surpassing your expectations. The quality of this product is force to be
reckoned with. Purchase KLIMAX today for the ultimate herbal incense experience.


Ready to party like a real live rock star? If so KING KONG  is the herbal potpourri blend that is right for you. Newbie users are warned against the extreme potency of this truly stellar product. This is a finely ground blend that is completely legal in all fifty state, but can show you a heck of a good time. The euphoric effects associated with this blend will have you feeling like you are flying far beyond the stars. Only use this blend in small amounts! This powerful blend is extremely potent, but is does not overpower the use if used in moderation. The affordability of this blend is another reason is it so attractive.